Baby Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale NEAR You (2023)

If you are going to adopt a rabbit as a new family member, baby Holland lop bunnies are perfect for you.

Holland lop rabbits find their origin in the Netherlands. They are dwarfs having a hefty body, a broad head, and a distinct crown at the back of their heads.

They are cute and mini, weighing only 2 to 4 pounds, have rollback fur, and a short compact body. For children, baby Holland lop bunnies are the ideal sweet pets. The name Holland Lop is attributed to their unique downward projecting ears.

Baby Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale Near You

Baby Holland Lop Bunnies
PersonalityFriendly, harmless, and sometimes skittish
Weight4-5 lbs
TemperamentGently, pleasant
Life span7-14 years
AppearanceLop ears, crown at the back of the head
ColorsBlack, chocolate, blue. 

Holland Lop is a man-made breed and has a variety of color patterns. Adriann de Cock, a Dutch breeder, crossbred French lop and a Netherland dwarf rabbit multiple times because he wanted a miniature French lop.

NameRabbitry NameStateEmail
Nicole WinklerPosh Bunnies RabbitryTexas[email protected]
Elizabeth & Randy LovoyBeth’s BunniesFlorida[email protected]
Tiffany PhanHoney Clover Rabbitry California[email protected]
WayneBunny Rabbitry New Jersey [email protected]
Momma JoeMomma Joe’s Rabbitry Connecticut [email protected]

The distinctive lop ears of French lop were absent in the first crossbreed. After some failed attempts, Adriann bred an English lop with the Netherlands dwarf rabbit and French lop baby. This is how the Holland lop bunny we know today came into being.

Baby Holland Lops Price

How much do you have to spend to buy a baby Holland Lop? It’s an important question. 

Don’t worry! Baby Holland lops are not very expensive and readily available. A Holland lop bunny costs only 40* dollars. The prices of the bunny may vary at local farms and pet stores.

At a pet store, Baby Holland lop bunnies can cost up to 150 dollars. However, a family farm breeding their bunnies will charge you only 20 to 40 dollars for a Holland lop bunny.

Baby Holland Lops Colors Options

Baby Holland lop bunnies have a variety of colors. Concerning color, they can be divided into these categories. 

  • Self-group: The self-group holland bunnies have one solid color like black, chocolate, white, blue, and lilac.
  • The agouti: The agouti bunnies have stripes of color and white around their eyes, mouth, nose, and belly. They usually have Chocolate, Chinchilla, Chestnut, Opal, and Lynx colors.
  • The Broken: These bunnies have a broken color pattern or white color with different colored patches. 
  • The Wideband: Bunnies with topcoat color and an under-coat color often come in this category. They have cream, orange and fawn colors. 
  • The Ticked: The ticked holland lop colors have chocolate, black, lilac, and blue colors. They can often have a silver or golden ticking as well.
  • The Shaded: Shaded Holland lop bunnies have a light-colored body and a dark color on their tail, head, and feet. They have unique colors such as smoke pearl, Siamese sable, and lilac.  

How To Buy A Baby Holland Lops?

You can buy a Holland lop bunny from a nearby pet store or rabbit breeding farm. Here are some things you should look for while purchasing the bunnies.

  • Make sure that the bunny is old enough that he can survive on his own. Most bunnies are weaned at 5 to 8 weeks of age and can stay on solid feed. So, buying an eight-week-old bunny is recommended.
  • Most of the farms that breed Holland lop bunnies will also allow you to look at the mother and father of the bunny. You can see the breed characteristics of parents, their temperament, and behavior. 
  • Do not confuse other breeds such as mini lops for Holland lop bunnies. Mini lop bunnies are always more giant than holland lop ones. 
  • Look for the health status of bunnies, whether they are active and agile or dizzy and zoned out. Healthy bunnies have shining skin coats, robust bodies and give a prompt response. Their feces in their cage also indicates a lot about their health status.
  • Check for the neutering status. Neutered bunny will be suitable if you are going to keep it indoors.

Baby Holland Lop Bunnies For Adoption

If you want to adopt baby Holland lop bunnies, here are some links to help you out:

Are Holland Lop Bunnies Good Pets? 

Holland lop bunnies are friendly, adorable, and make ideal pets. They have a calm demeanour and are perfectly safe to be kept around children. Due to their social nature, they like the company of people. They are easygoing and have a gentle temperament.

Do Holland Lop Bunnies Stay Small?

Holland lop bunnies are also known as dwarf bunnies. Once they grow fully, they weigh only 4-5 pounds. Comparatively, they have short stature but compact, muscular bodies.

When Should I Adopt A Holland Lop Bunny?

A baby Holland lop bunny is blind and furless when it’s born. They open their eyes after two to three weeks of birth. Baby Holland lop bunnies require the care and warmth of their mother. After eight weeks of birth, the bunnies become self-sufficient and ready to adopt a new home. 

How Do You Play With A Holland Lop Rabbit? 

They are very playful and active. Make sure the bunnies get comfortable around you before you start playing with them. Take them in your hand and caress them gently. Once they are acquainted with you, you can play with them using toys such as toilet paper rolls and a small cardboard box.

Are Lop Bunnies Hiigh Maintenance?

Holland lop bunnies are not high maintenance at all. They need good playtime and healthy food to stay happy. Their happy attitude makes them pleasant and easy to take care of.

Are Holland Lops Easy To Train?

Holland Lop bunnies are effortless to train. You have to bend down to their level and gently caress them. Speak to them softly. Reward your Holland bunnies with a treat whenever they obey your instructions.

Final Verdict

Baby Holland lop bunnies are adorable little rabbits that require little to low care. They become quite comfortable around humans; hence they are perfect pets for children. These pets are reasonably priced.

Holland lop bunnies are available in various colors ranging from solid colors such as black and blue to mixed shades of white and dark colors. You only need to arrange a cute room with toys and a good diet for your pets to keep them happy and healthy.

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