Baby Hedgehog Pet For Sale: USA Breeders NEAR YOU!

Who doesn’t love these tiny bundles of joy – sorry, spines – called hedgehogs. We have the cutest baby hedgehog for sale. 

Hedgehog Overview


Hedgehogs have 17 different breeds, and they are found across the world.

Scientific NameErinaceinaeClassMammal
Lifespan5 to 8 yearsOrderEulipotyphlaErinaceomorphaTherapsid
Weight780 gmsFamilyErinacaedae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusWoodland hedgehog
SpeciesErinaceinaeSize24 cms

Baby Hedgehog Pet For Sale: Breeders NEAR You!

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Wild For Hedgehogs 1283 Candle Lite LoopNorth Pole, AK99705785-492-8730
Pokipals – Keith Coddington2172 W Cohen CourtAnthem, Arizona85086
Prickly Paws Hedgehogs – Evagene Winters6536 County Rd 8Rush Co 80833719-892-0316
Colorful Quills Hedgehogs – Ann Malburg17895 Plains EdgePeyton, CO80831719-359-3522
Connor and Jims exotics – James O’NeilStratford, CT203-993-0243
TOP NOTCH HEDGEHOGS of Miami – Janine B.Homestead, FL305-479-7749
Hurricane Hedgehogs – Selena BuckBartow, Florida863-618-5212
Sun Coast Hedgehogs – Katie McNeal & Aliera PetersonJacksonville, Florida904-385-8591
Morning Star Hedgehogs – Jonell Stetz650 Douglas AveAddison, IL, 60101630-346-5122
Northern Indiana Hedgehogs – Jennelle Johnson51643 Northfield DriveElkhart, IN46514(574)238-5394
CC’s Exotic Pets – Richard Cunningham15495 Promise RoadNoblesville, IN46060317-999-7191
Free State Hedgehogs – Gloria Nichols1017 Natalie Dr.Lawrence, KS66046785-608-4035
Terrapin Hedgehogs – Stasi Kanyuck807 Chatfield RdJoppa, MD21085410-322-3650
Otsego Hedgehogs from MN – Kristal Sneen14359 95th St NEOtsego, Mn55330952-261-8829
Hands Hedgehogs – Sarah Hand4202 n somers aveFremont, NE68025402-720-3569
DKHedgies – Devon and KylieRoute 73West Berlin, NJ08091
Hogheavenhedgehogs – Kim and Gina TiptonHogheavenhedgehogs – Kim and Gina TiptonNiagara Falls, New York716/298-5025
Gunner’s Quills Hedgehogs and Tenrecs – Mackensie Shappley9711 North 108th East AveOwasso, Oklahoma74055918-697-5263
Tennessee Hedgehogs – Destiny136 Alice Smith Dr, Portland, TN615-300-5362
FireQuills Hedgehogs – Jennifer Shaver154 Marquitos DrKyle, TX78640720-301-4972
PokeyMoms – Jared & Lilian Browne3112 Domian CourtWest Valley City, Utah84128(801) 809-9699

Just to let you know, you can purchase the “African Pygmy Hedgehog” from the breeders listed above.

Let’s take a brief look at hedgehog breeds;

African Pygmy Hedgehog

The African Pygmy Hedgehog is commonly known as the four-toed Hedgehog. The domestic hedgehogs we see in homes around belong to this breed.

They can run around 5 miles at night as they are excellent runners due to their high energy but still prefer a solitary life. 

Algerian Hedgehog

The African Pygmy is a distant relative of the Algerian Hedgehog, also a domesticated breed. Romans used this particular breed of hedgehogs to acquire meat and quills.

They can grow up to 7-10 inches long.

Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog

Egyptian Hedgehogs are smaller than their European counterparts. When in the wild, they choose to hibernate for a short time in both summer and winter. 

Indian Long-Eared Hedgehog

The Indian hedgehogs are the last of the four domesticated breeds in abundance in the subcontinent. They are good at handling extreme weather better than other hedgehogs.

European Hedgehog

The European hedgehogs are the most common hedgehogs found across most of Europe. They remarkably grow to a foot in length and have a life of up to 10 years. 

Southern White-breasted Hedgehog

This Southern Hedgehog is found across Eastern Europe and Western Asia but differs widely from its European cousins.

Not only is their white belly peculiar, but so is their nest-making habit compared to digging. 

Northern White-Breasted Hedgehog

The Northern ones have white bellies, too, because they originate from Eastern Europe. They are now found in Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus.

Amur Hedgehog

Amur hedgehogs are natives of Central Asia, China, Korea, and South-Eastern Russia. They can also grow up to a foot in length. 

Somali Hedgehog

The Somali hedgehogs are found exclusively in Somalia. They are small animals having white bellies and brown or black legs. 

South African Hedgehog

The South African breed has a significant white stripe across its forehead instead of dark brown fur. You can find them across Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. 

Daurian Hedgehog

The Daurian is extremely small, measuring 6-8 inches in length. They are found in Russia and Northern Mongolia.

Hugh’s Hedgehog

This breed also belongs to Central Asia, particularly China and Manchuria. The Hugh is different from its class because its voracious appetite provokes it to search for food during broad daylight. This trait is absent in other hedgehogs.

Desert Hedgehog

Desert hedgehogs are small creatures that are present where there are great deserts. You got it right! They are found only in North Africa and the Middle East.

Indian Hedgehog

The Indian hedgehogs are also native to the high mountains of the subcontinent. Their small size and mask-like markings make them special from the rest.

Brandt’s Hedgehog

This breed is also native to India, Pakistan, and Yemen. It has a deep dark fur and sharp quills with ears longer than most hedgehogs.

Gaoligong Forest Hedgehog

The Gaoligongs are a new-found breed discovered in 2018 on Mt. Gaoligong in the Yunnan province of China. They hibernate for more than half a year, which is why they haven’t been discovered.

Bare-Bellied Hedgehog

These hedgehogs are restricted to Southeastern India. People wrongly assumed they were long extinct, but you can spot them easily in India’s Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states.

Different Orders of Hedgehog

The different orders of Hedgehog are as follows:

  • Eulipotyphla
  • Erinaceomorpha
  • Therapsid

Hedgehog Colors

There are over 90 different colors of hedgehogs worldwide, though we commonly see the salt and pepper ones.

Colors may include pinto, white, black, Algerian, black, gray, dark gray, chocolate, brown, cinnamon, champagne, apricot, pale apricot, yellowish tan, and pale gold, to name a few. 

Can You Buy A Baby Hedgehog In The US?

What do I need to own a hedgehog? Just like other pets, hedgehogs also need a separate space they can call home.

Their cage should be sturdy but without wires to prevent them from getting stuck. For their bedding, you can use newspapers in their cage. Also, make your living space hedgehog-friendly as they love to roam about on their own when not enclosed.

As far as the government restrictions are concerned, you need to check with the local authorities to see if hedgehogs are banned in your state, or you might require permission to import them.

Is Hedgehog Legal In the US? 

Illegal StatesLegal States Requiring Permission and Hedgehog Travel Restriction 
CaliforniaNew Jersey (permit needed)
GeorgiaArizona (permit needed)
HawaiiWisconsin (import permit needed)
NYCWyoming (permit not needed)
NebraskaTexas (permit needed)

Is It Illegal To Breed Hedgehogs? Breeding a hedgehog isn’t completely illegal across the US. You might need to apply for a license or permit to breed them.

Is It Ok To Have A Pet Hedgehog?

No! Hedgehogs are wild animals and essentially belong to their complex ecosystem where they can thrive. If taken in, they can suffer from malnutrition, the stress of unnatural captivity, and the uncomfortable environment they are kept in

Hedgehog Price

How Much Are Hedgehogs? A hedgehog’s average cost may vary from between $100 to $300*. The factors influencing the price include the Hedgehog’s age, color, and friendliness, among many others.

You may even get hedgehogs at dirt cheap rates, but they are usually salt and pepper or cinnamon and pinto.

Pet Hedgehog Lifespan

If taken good care of, a hedgehog can live for five to eight years. In short, they have a better life span than their wild companions.  

Is Craigslist Good Option To Purchase Baby Hedgehogs?

Advertising sites like Craigslist aren’t a sensible option for buying baby hedgehogs because you need to know everything about the breeder beforehand.

Other suitable options to buy them may include a local privately owned pet store or animal convention.

Why Shouldn’t You Get A Hedgehog? 

They are low maintenance petsThey may contain the contagious foot and mouth disease
They are independent and relatively quiet creaturesThey may transmit salmonella bacteria and other fungal and viral diseases
They are interactive throughout the dayTheir sharp spines may puncture your skin or infect you
They have a longer lifespan for their sizeThey are not social animals and need time to adapt to new homes
They are a hypoallergenic option for fussy homeownersThey aren’t very fond of litter training
They need a specially trained vet to treat them
They need a strict and specific nutritional meal plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about hedgehogs:

Are Hedgehogs Cuddly?

In the wild, hedgehogs are shy and solitary animals who tend to spend their time alone except during the mating season. Once a familial bond is established with a hedgehog, they turn into playful pets whom you can occasionally cuddle.

Are Hedgehogs Smelly?

Hedgehogs aren’t occupied with scent glands like other animals such as cats, skunks, ferrets, etc. When they’re clean, they don’t emit any kind of smell, but if they smell funky, it means you haven’t cleaned their cage.

Do Hedgehogs Bite?

It’s all up to your communication. The more you socialize with them, the lesser will they need to communicate with their mouth. Hedgehogs don’t bite, but it can rarely happen, so initially, it’s better to use gloves for your safety.

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp?

Hedgehogs are underground animals, so they need a warmer ambience than the room temperature. You can use a heat lamp or other heating device to keep them comfy and healthy. If you ignore this necessity, they will try to hibernate.

Do Hedgehogs Shoot Quills?

Quills are to hedgehogs what hair is to humans. Therefore, hedgehogs don’t shoot their quills even in the worst cases. Hedgehogs curl up and use their quills which stand up to protect them from predators.

Do Hedgehogs Quills Hurt?

When a hedgehog is tense or threatened, it will curl up into a ball that changes its quills’ position. The quills become more spread out and get sharper. The spread-out quills won’t necessarily break your skin, but they will surely be painful to touch.

Do Hedgehogs Hurt To Hold?

Hedgehog quills are painful to touch, but they won’t likely break your skin. Suppose you have a trustworthy and comfortable relationship with your Hedgehog. In that case, it won’t hurt you because a relaxed hedgehog has calm spines, making it easy for you to hold it.

Do Hedgehogs Pee On You?

Hedgehogs tend to all animals to pee when they have woken up. Besides this, they may also poop or pee while being held, or to double the mess for you, they can do both simultaneously.

Do Hedgehogs Have Fleas?

Fleas have an affinity for hedgehogs, but they are host-specific fleas meaning they won’t survive on any other species of pets or humans. Hedgehogs become infested with them, but these are only the resident ones and won’t cause any harm.

Can Hedgehogs Swim?

Hedgehogs are native swimmers because their bodies are covered with spiky quills with buoyant air pockets, allowing them to float when they enter the water. This doesn’t rule out the potential threat of them hurting themselves if they slip or aren’t able to come out of a steep pool.

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