Are There Porcupines In Ohio? (Quick Guide!)

Porcupines belong to the family of rodents that have sharp spines or quills to protect them from predators.

Are There Porcupines In Ohio?


The porcupines were natives of Ohio until the 1890s when they were pushed out of the state due to deforestation.

If you want to know how common porcupines are in Ohio, then studies tell us that recently they have been spotted in the northeast counties in the forests and bushes and on trees where they make their homes.

Porcupines also love to live in hollow tree barks, which they turn into their caves. 

What States Do Porcupines Live In?

Porcupines are mainly found in the western half of the US, which comprises the forested mountains and riparian lands. They are difficult to spot during the day as they are most likely busy sleeping on trees but emerge at night to hunt for food.

In the US, porcupines are found in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and New England, Tucson. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about porcupines in Ohio.

Are There Wild Porcupines In Ohio?

Yes, there are wild porcupines in Ohio now, as some of them have been spotted recently after they were completely pushed out of the state in the 1890s.

Are There Porcupines In Michigan?

Michigan has forests of both hardwood and softwood trees, which are the preferred habitat of porcupines. The Porcupine Mountains or Porkies (a group of small mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Lake Superior) is where you will find porcupines in Michigan. 

Are There Porcupines In Florida?

Since porcupines are a resident of the western half of the US, they are not found in Florida.

Are There Hedgehogs In Ohio?

Hedgehogs are not native to the state of Ohio, but several breeders can arrange the animal for you.

Are There Moose In Ohio?

Yes, there are moose in Ohio, but unluckily they are not alive. The animal went extinct thousands of years ago, and its fossil remains are all found across the state of Ohio.

Are There Ferrets In Ohio?

Yes, there are ferrets in Ohio, and at least 10 ferret bites are reported yearly. However, the good news is that they hold a Ferret Buckeye Bash, the largest ferret competition and show in the country. 

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