Are There Porcupines In Michigan? (Quick Guide!)

Are There Porcupines In Michigan?

Despite the cold weather of Michigan’s north side, The North American porcupine species going by the name Erithizon dorsatum resides in northern Michigan.

These spiky little creatures might initially intimidate you but are not dangerous. With more than 12 species on Earth, they successfully keep the predators away.

Are There Porcupines In Michigan?


Indeed, porcupines are living in Michigan. Among the 11 species of porcupine, The Northern American porcupine is the only one that has chosen Michigan as its habitual zone. Although porcupines have covered all of Michigan, some are relocating back to the northern side.

These quill pigs are nocturnal, which is why we don’t see much of them but believe it or not, they are pretty famous and are Michigan’s second-biggest mammal.

Michigan Porcupine Population

Porcupines inhabiting the north and the south of Michigan have decreased due to various factors, some of which are unknown.

One of the primary reasons is the presence of Pekania pennanti, also called The fisher. It is a mammal that preys on small animals, including porcupines.

Some reports articulate that an unknown virus or disease is causing the species’ sudden decline. It is also said that porcupines being as slow as a tortoise made them an easy kill for the hunters back in the day.

Can You Hunt Porcupines In Michigan?

Yes, among the list of other animals, porcupines can also be hunted down all year. This is only possible with an authentic and proper hunting license by the Michigan government.

Where Can You Find Wild Porcupines?

The wild porcupines reside in the forests of the northwestern side of America and Canada.


Here are some frequently asked questions about porcupines.

Where Are Porcupines Located In Michigan?

The Northern porcupine has taken over both north and south of Michigan. They are located in Ontonagon, Gogebic, Saginaw, and Montcalm north. In the south, they reside in Barrien, Clinton, and Eaton.

What Kind Of Porcupine Lives In Michigan?

The North American porcupine is the only kind that lives in Michigan. 

Are There Porcupines In Maryland?

To see a porcupine is as rare as a four-leaf clover. Besides porcupines having a timid and bashful personality, they are mostly hidden in the trees sleeping the day away as they are nocturnal. Other than that, some find their way towards the western side of Maryland and get killed by vehicles.

Are There Porcupines In Indiana?

The porcupines are no more found in Indiana. Indiana was once called home for the porcupines, but they were eradicated due to hunting. However, in recent years, some porcupines are finding their way back to their lost home.

Are There Porcupines In Ohio?

Ohio was also once a home for the porcupines, but humankind did not stop interfering with nature. The lack of forest and grassland drove them away. Once or twice, a porcupine has made a sighting in Ohio.

Are There Wild Hedgehogs In Michigan?

Sadly, wild hedgehogs are not found in Michigan or any part of North America due to climate. However, a certain hedgehog breed was bought and kept as a pet.

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