American Blue Rabbit for Sale NEAR You: US Breeders List

The American Blue Rabbits were formerly known as German Blue before World War II.

The American Blue is without a doubt gorgeous with its dreamlike soft, rich blue fur.

They are on top of the list for having the deepest blue color among all the other breeds having blue and gray color varieties. Unfortunately, they are now considered an endangered breed. 

American Blue Rabbit Overview

American Blue rabbits were bred for meat and then later kept as house pets. The American Blue rabbits have gorgeous fluffy fur and are low maintenance pets. They are also delighted to show rabbits in various exhibitions.

Blue rabbits have serene and easygoing personalities. They love to be held and petted.

They need a little push to get used to their environment and are easy to potty-train. They have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years if given adequate care, love, and attention.

BreedAmerican Blue
Species Name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Weight 10 to 12lbs
ColorsBlue and Albino White
Care LevelModerate
Temperament Friendly, Docile, playful
Body Temperature102-103°F
Lifespan 5-12 years
Minimum Cage Size 30×36”
DietHay, pellets, vegetables and fruits.

Can You Buy A Blue American Rabbit?

Although they are declared endangered, you can buy a Blue American rabbit from a local pet store or directly from a breeder. A list has been mentioned below to help you locate the nearest rabbitry.

American Blue Rabbit For Sale: US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameRabbitry NameCityStateEmail
Ashley PruittWhispering Oaks FarmFort MyersFlorida[email protected]
Ashley SantoneCavy ConnectionViennaOhio[email protected]
Sidney ThomasDoebuck BluessGainesvilleFlorida[email protected]
Chrisalyn & Nicole MitchellHappily Hoppin’ RabbitryEast BerlinPennsylvania[email protected]
Lacretia MartinMartin’s Blues Hobby FarmNacogdochesTexas[email protected]
Karen MezykKare’s HaresFreeburgIllinois[email protected]
Jami RobertsSunset LopsLake StevensWestern Australia[email protected]
Bryan LecceseCuckoo Mountain RabbitryNorthfieldMassachusetts[email protected]

American Blue Rabbits Price

Due to beautiful blue coats, they can get expensive, considering they have become a rare breed. You can get American Blue rabbits for $20 to $50* from the breeders mentioned above a shelter.

American Blue Rabbit Weight

They can weigh around 9 to 11 pounds at maturity. They are medium-sized rabbits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about American blue rabbits:

Is A Blue Rabbit Rare?

Yes, Blue rabbits have become a rare breed as the majority of the breeds used in creating this gorgeous Blue rabbit have become extinct. But you can still find them from different breeders. 

What Is The Rarest Rabbit In The World?

Sumatran Striped Rabbits are considered to be the rarest rabbit breed on earth. Not much is known about this species and is hardly seen around. 

How Long Do Blue Bunnies Live?

Blue bunnies and other domestic rabbits can live up to 8 to 12 years if properly cared for and looked after.

What Is A Blue Tort Rabbit?

Blue Tortoise rabbits are not categorized to a certain breed as they don’t show typical markings each time. They have bluish-gray color on their points and a soft fawn to tan color on their torso.

How Much Does A Black Bunny Cost?

The cost of a black bunny varies from place to place. It can be sold from $20 to $100. It all depends upon the place you are purchasing. Purchasing from a shelter will cost you a little less than a pet store. A rare or a purebred will cost a lot more than a normal rabbit.

Can A Rabbit And Fox Breed?

The concept of breeding requires the species to be closely related. In the case of foxes and rabbits, it’s not possible and compatible for them to breed.

What Rabbit Has The Softest Fur?

Rabbits that retain soft plush coats are considered to have the softest fur that feels like velvet. Rex and Mini Rex breeds have the softest fur, and it is used to be said by the owner of these rabbits that Rex rabbits are like teddy bears.

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